Theatre Make-up as one of the modules in Drama and Theatre A
Theatre Make-up in Drama and Theatre Arts
Obtaining a degree with great success
Obtaining a degree with great success
Sculptures on campus made by BA Fine Arts students
Sculptures on campus made by BA Fine Arts students

Faculty of the Humanities

 Registration dates: 2016

Welcoming of first-year students: 2016

Academic advice programme 2016

Payments prior to registration 2016
Who is the Faculty of the Humanities?

The University of the Free State Faculty of the Humanities encompasses a great variety of academic departments and modules that vary in disciplines from:

  • Languages
  • Arts
  • Human sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Cultural sciences

The fact that the faculty hosts so many modules makes it possible for prospective students to compile a degree programme suitable for their career choice, interest and aptitude.

Certain programmes were developed to train you for a specific career, while others equip you with the skills needed in various positions. Today’s ever-changing career world requires various skills with which this faculty can equip you, including;

  • language proficiency,
  • communication skills,
  • creativity,
  • interpersonal skills,
  • problem solving skills,
  • computer literacy and
  • critical thinking.

This website provides information about the various degree programmes offered by the Faculty of the Humanities. Please browse the pages, we trust that you will find a programme that suits your needs and ideals.


To be an excellent, creative and equitable Faculty of the Humanities, responsive to the needs of society.


The faculty aspires to academic excellence in terms of the quality of its curricula and teaching, its students’ achievements and the professional accomplishments of its staff. The mission of the faculty is to;

  • generate,
  • introduce/develop and disseminate knowledge,
  • to stimulate critical intellectual investigation and
  • to inspire innovation in both students and academic staff by means of teaching, basic and applied research, and service delivery aimed at enriching and uplifting the community, the region, the country and the continent.

In our pursuit of knowledge we place a premium on intellectual freedom, integrity, responsibility and equity. The range of disciplines offered in the faculty allows students to explore all aspects of the human experience. In addition to academic and professional expertise, the study of the humanities, the social and the educational sciences instils intellectual, cultural and humane sensitivity in students, while the study of fine and performing arts equips them with the skills and techniques required for artistic expression as well as with an awareness and understanding of the socio-cultural dimension.

  • Please contact us should you require additional information.


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